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Coipor is a team of like-minded intellectual property veterans.

Each member of the Coipor has a belief that intellectual property drives value to protect market for clients or to be a market-opening weapon, rather than a certificate hanging on a wall to show off.

At the beginning of the study, each member of the Coipor has received strict training on US patent practice skills and conducted a lot of practical training in combination of both US and China cases.

The three senior members of the team has experienced a large number of practical cases in China and US, and then entered the southwest law school (www.swlaw.edu) for theoretical study. In particular,they followed Professor Alan Chen, who is well-known in the field of intellectual property in the United States, to extensively compare and study the intellectual property systems of many countries including China and the United States.

After graduation, the three partners returned to China and immediately founded COIPOR and hired Professor Chen as a consultant.

The philosophy of the Coipor team is to learn from the elites and to escort for intelligent manufacturing!


Rich business experience

Senior management team

Efficient workflow

Extreme Professional Services

Professional Counsel, Professional Counsel Team, ensure that service lawyers have successfully dealt with similar issues.

1 second response, efficient completion

Efficient Consultant On Call, Immediately Docking Requirements, Lawyer Launches Service Within 30 Minutes

Professional divisions of labor and collaboration

Designate versed host lawyer according to customers  needs,  long-term and stable collaborative services of professional lawyers.

Focus on intellectual property and related fields, and build a professional intellectual property service interconnection platform

Provide customers with a full range of intellectual property consulting services

Ningbo Daotong Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd.

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Business Services

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